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Garage Construction Warranty

Concrete Pad

Warranty as dictated by Alberta New Home Warranty Program:

Acceptable Performance Condition: Cracks resulting from normal shrinkage are acceptable. Cracks that exceed 3mm (1/8 inch) in width are considered excessive.

Warranty: One-Year Workmanship and Materials.

Action: Cracks in excess of 3mm (1/8 inch) in width shall be repaired. Consideration should be given to the length of the crack that exceeds the acceptable performance condition and the ability of cracks to retain cementitious material.

Garage Construction

5 Year warranty on install. Manufacturer warranty on all components.

Shingles: 30 years

Siding: 25 years

Overhead Door: Seven years against delamination of polyurethane from steel skin on the panel.

Garage Door Opener: 5 year

Windows/Doors: 10 year warranty