"How many companies are out there who actually do what they say they will do for you? We have no idea, but one thing we now know Gecko Projects is one such company."

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Garage Construction Process

How we build a garage: step by step

Garage construction steps are outlined below so you can see how it is done, before we start your project.

To view the images and descriptions full size please click to visit the bottom of the page for our full size slideshow (note not all points below have a picture associated with them but the visual tour gives you a good idea of what to expect from a construction standpoint).

1. Discuss Design and Sign Contract

There are a variety of factors to consider when building a garage. This includes everything from city by-laws to building it appropriately to your lot specifications. We’ll combine our expertise with your requirements to design and build the best garage possible. We’ll go through all options, and give one price for the entire project. There will be a detailed contract signed by both parties so you know exactly how much it is going to cost you, what you’re going to get, and when it will be built.

2. Garage Permit/Approvals

Avoid the hassle, as we’ll pull all necessary permits required to build your garage. Before we break ground we’ll have a building permit. As required all electrical and gas install permits are handled by us as well.

3. Survey and Prep

Garage ProcessThe garage pad will be surveyed and prepped as determined by the contract and building permit. Our standard pads are prepped and leveled with a crushed gravel base and 10mm rebar laid out and tied 2 feet on center.

4. Pour/Finish Concrete

Garage ProcessPads will be professionally poured a minimum 4” thick and have a slope of 1 inch for every 10 feet, for drainage. The pad will be cut to reduce surface tension (risk of cracking and/or spread of potential cracks). Aprons will be cut and broom finished.

5.1 Framing - Build and Stand Walls

Garage ProcessGecko Projects uses Totem premium quality lumber to frame every garage. All walls are built on site allowing us to build any custom design you require. Walls are framed 24” on center and we use a 2 ply 1.55E Timber strand overhead garage door header for standard gable garages, and 3ply 1.9E Mircrolam headers for reverse gable garages.

5.2 Framing - Stand Roof Trusses and Frame Eves/Fascia

Garage ProcessGecko Projects standard garage trusses have a 4 - 12 slope. We can however build any style/slope you require. Our standard trusses have 16 inch overhang on the eve and we frame the gable eve to match. Again, this is not set in stone as we can order the trusses and frame the eve to any size you need.

5.3 Framing - Sheath Roof and Backup Work

Garage ProcessAll walls, gables, and roof are sheathed with 3/8" OSB. The interior will be framed with all necessary backing so it's ready to be drywalled even if we're not the ones doing it.

6. Install Windows and Entry Door

Gecko Projects uses the best windows and doors of any garage builder. Again, we can order any custom size window/door you require, whether it is a window with grills, or a patio door for your garage. However, our standard size windows are 36”x 36” vinyl picture or slider window. Unlike other garage builders all our windows have 2 x 4 jamb extension to better prepare your garage for future finishing. Our standard six panel doors have full return maintenance free metal cladding, nailing fin, and high security striker plates giving you a clean, strong and secure entry door. We offer either 32” or 36” entry doors.

7. Roof Felt and Shingle

Garage ProcessThe style and colour of shingles installed on your garage will be chosen to best match your home and/or your requirements. Every roof will be lined with roof felt before we shingle and the eve will have a double layer of shingles to better protect your roof.

8. Paper Walls

Garage ProcessEvery garage is wrapped with Tyvek home wrap. The Tyvek acts like a windbreaker and is wrapped over the sheathing and under the exterior siding: cut out around windows and doors and taped securely at the seams. This provides resistance to wind infiltration and water intrusion and makes for a more comfortable, energy-efficient garage.

9. Siding Soffit, Fascia and Troughing

Garage ProcessWe have access to all of Calgary’s commercial building product suppliers. All finishing materials will match the colour and profile of the material installed on your home, or any other colour you choose. Troughing will be built and formed on site so there are no joints along the eve, thus no chance of leaking.

10. Over Head Door

Gecko Projects uses 2" steel insulated Amarr overhead garage doors. OH doors are available in a variety of sizes pending your requirements. We also use top of the line belt drive openers with 2 remotes for quiet and smooth operating, extending the life expectancy of your OH garage door.

11. Utilities

Our basic electrical package includes a 40 amp service with an 8 circuit electrical panel, with any combination of interior and exterior lights and plugs you require. We’ll design it with you and build it exactly how you want it. We also offer an upgraded 60 amp service and can have gas roughed into your garage so you can heat it during our cold Calgary winter days if you choose to.

12. Inspection

The projects not done until all necessary building, electrical, and gas inspections have been completed by the city. After it’s passed, the power will be turned on and it’s yours to use!

13. Enjoy!

Garage ProcessGet some of that gear out of the basement so you can move around down there. Clean out the garden shed (maybe get rid of it all together), and most importantly get those cars in there so you have a warm ‘snow free’ car in the morning when you’re off to work.

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